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Removing Japanese Knotweed and providing Environmental Consultancy.

Japanese Knotweed Removal

5 year contracts optional

Water-adjacent sites a speciality
Property advice for infested homes and businesses

Our preferred method is treating the knotweed via direct stem injection-
This is highly effective, and minimises the risk to the local environment.
More options besides stem injection are available, and we offer a range of alternatives to suit your project

We also deal with other invasives, such as Giant Hogweed and Himalayan Balsam.

10 years experience in removing invasive plants

Environmental Management Plans

Japanese Knotweed (and some other invasives) must be reported on your TA6 when selling a property

EMPs include a detailed survey of the property and let relevant parties know that the problem is being dealt with
They can help greatly when buying or selling a property.

£350 per plan - all treatments with an applicable EMP recieve a £250 discount per day

Reforestation Project

Every job we complete will plant a tree, supporting the Derby Wildlife Trust
as part of their Derwent Living forest campaign.

This ambitious project aims "To create 30,000 hectares of wooded habitats
(such as woodland, hedgerows, orchards and parklands)
and wetland by 2050 and establish a connection between the new woodlands
of the National Forest in the south and the soon to be established
woodlands of Northern Forest in the north."

Derby Knotweed Co.
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